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We offer you a full service in the field of processing of flat glass.

We have basic float glass, low-emission glass, low-iron and mass-coloured glass.

In production, we use tried-and-tested, continuously improved technology that we know very well. We use the highest quality raw materials and components – our suppliers are European glassworks and a European PVB film manufacturer.

We value quality

Wide range of products

We offer laminated glass with PVB or EVA interlayer (bulletproof, anti-burglary), insulated glass, tempered glass, screen-printed glass, and electrically heated glass.

We offer products with a wide range of PVB films (colourless, coloured, matte, soundproofing).

We use glass with a thickness of 3 to 15 mm (tempered from 4 to 15 mm)

We cut glass with the maximum size of 3210 x 2550mm,

We cut and grind products with complex shapes.

We drill holes in glass with diameters from 4 to 300 mm and cut-outs of unusual shapes

Manufactured glass can be painted with ceramic paint applied by screen printing.


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