Glass floors, staircase and all-glass constructions

Glass floors, staircase and all-glass constructions

Exciting and phenomenal glass floors and stairs fit into both modern residential and commercial settings.

Glass walls are an exceptionally elegant form of interior architecture. They make it possible to create light-filled, modern and visually appealing interiors. Glass partitions look interesting and aesthetically pleasing in private rooms, homes and flats, as well as in offices, companies and commercial spaces.


Elegance and modernity

Glass floors and stairs are aesthetic and can perfectly illuminate the space in which they are located. Glass elements of the stairs also perfectly combine with steel elements, e.g. handrails, balustrades or stair frames.


Glass structures made of tempered flat glass are just as safe as walls made of traditional building materials, yet provide a unique visual effect.


Glass floors and stairs are favoured by interior designers in residential houses and commercial premises. Glass walls are the latest trend in office architecture.

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Glass floors and staircases are safe thanks to the use of toughened glass with laminate. Partitions can be all-glass or with the framed panes. Walls can be fixed in profiles, clamping strips and in point clamps. Such systems enable to install frameless glass doors. Tempered glass with a thickness of 8 to 10 and sometimes even 12 mm is used in such solutions. The glass can be clear or coloured and also screen-printed.

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